Journalist Registration

Press accreditation is reserved to the media covering one or more YCCS events. The accreditation gives access to the Media Centre during the event indicated. 

Please be aware that media accreditation is not automatic and is at the discretion of the YCCS.

Please supply proof of your journalistic activity in order complete accreditation.

Documents required (scanned copy to be sent upon receipt of reply email):

  • Valid press card,
  • Professional card of journalist (for countries that do not deliver press cards),
  • Letter of accreditation asking you to write an article about the MYS (letter with the media corporate header signed by the Publisher),
  • PDF extract of an article about the MYS you wrote,
  • Extract of the magazine's masthead indicating you as writer or photographer
If you were accredited in 2017, a proof of your editorial coverage of the event is required to approve your request for accreditation in 2018.

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