Checco Bruni Sail Talk
- SAIL TALK - Sail Talk - Swan Sardinia Challenge

We’re beginning the series called Sail Talk organized in the occasion of the Swan Sardinia Challenge. The first speaker is Francesco ‘Checco’ Bruni, tactician aboard the ClubSwan 36 Fra Martina owned by Edoardo and Vanni Pavesio. After the first day of the Swan Sardinia Challenge the team is in third place overall.

Bruni, It’s your first day of racing in quite some time on a boat that isn’t a full foiling hull. How are you finding it?

I like One Design racing because the best team wins. I’m very happy to be back sailing on a “normal” monohull and I’m especially happy to be here in Porto Cervo.

You’re in Porto Cervo racing while wearing a button down shirt. How do you feel in this usual outfit? 

It’s an idea the owners, the fantastic Pavesio brothers, had: to have us race wearing proper shirts. I think it’s original and interesting, but I surely wouldn’t have been able to sail dressed like this in the America’s Cup.

After the first day of racing Fra Martina is in third place thanks to an incredible recovery. Can you tell us more?

Today there was really light air. We wanted to go to the right and we did, but on the first beat it didn’t pay off. Then we began to sail better, to pick the better sides and slowly but surely we gained positions along the first run and the second beat. It went well!

How is it sailing with Rufo Bressani, an expert just like you?

We have a great relationship and have been racing together often and for a long time. It’s always a pleasure. You can always learn something new from a real talent.

How does sailing change when you’re with an owner/driver?

It’s different, you need to keep a 360 degree vision instead of just focusing on tactics. I really like sailing with Edoardo and Vanni, they’re great owners with years of experience in One Design Classes.