Sail Talk with Chicca Salvà
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Sail Talk with Chicca Salvà

Chicca Salvà, two Olympic Games in the 470, which was not a mixed class at the time. A career as a coach and a professional sailor on one-design boats.

You're here in Porto Cervo on the ClubSwan 50 Hatari, with a remarkable line-up of professionals and champions: how does it feel to be on board?

Chicca: For me, being aboard Hatari and being part of this circuit has been something really incredible. We're a very close-knit team and it's great sailing with them, everyone is very serious and focused when it comes to racing and training, then we're a great bunch once we're ashore.

The location is priceless, because I think racing in Sardinia and especially in Porto Cervo has no equal. I can confirm this because I am at an age where I have seen a lot of places and raced in a lot of waters, but places like this are priceless.

My native Lake Garda is beautiful, but let's say we use it more as a practice gym, because obviously racing at sea is something else.

The debate is open on women in sailing: female-only crews or mixed crews, what do you think?

Chicca: I think that on every boat there are roles that women can easily fill. Obviously in certain types of class you also need a physical performance that women can't have. You have to be tough, you have to be able to interact with men (which is not always easy) and also have a strong and determined character.

 Speaking of which: what is it like interacting with men, particularly with great champions and successful professionals?

 Chicca: It's very simple, you have to prove your worth, then the rest comes naturally.