Sail Talk with Guille Parada
Guillermo Parada, skipper at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup of Moat 1, Argentinian Swan 115 supermaxi. After 10 years helming Azzurra, the sporting symbol of the YCCS, you are back in Porto Cervo. This time as tactician of a bigger boat. How is it going?
Guillermo Parada: I think it’s great coming back to our home waters. Let’s say I’m lucky enough to have been coming here since the Alexia days in 1996, I think, so we were coming here like 15 years before Azzurra. I’m getting old but it’s always a pleasure to come here, and share the wind with these boats and with this very nice group of South-American guys. And we are staying here also next week for the Swan Cup, so we are going to spend quite a bit of time in Porto Cervo. After two years of the pandemic and after stopping Azzurra it feels very very good to be back.
Allow me to take this opportunity to remember Alberto W. H. Roemmers, member of the YCCS and owner of Alexia, Azzurra and many other yachts, who recently passed away at the age of 96. He was a unique man with  strength and determination that was second to none. He changed the life of many of us, giving us the opportunity as a group of, at the time, very young people, to come and compete on the international scene. So he will be missed and remembered for a long time, but luckily his legacy will be remembered forever.  Wherever you are Alberto. Thank you very much!