Sardinia reopens: when and how to get there

Porto Cervo, 3 June 2020. Starting today, in accordance with the provisions at the national level, the Sardinia Region will apply the following schedule of resumption of flights from the Airports of Alghero, Cagliari and Olbia:

(a) with effect from 3 June 2020, air services under territorial continuity to Rome Fiumicino and Milan and vice versa;

b) with effect from 13 June 2020, air services to and from the remaining national airports;

c) with effect from 25 June 2020 air links with all international airports, subject to verification of the evolution of the epidemiological curve.

Up until 12 June marine passenger transport to and from Sardinia will be limited to services under territorial continuity. Routes to national ports will be activated from 13 June, while international travel will resume from 25 June 2020.

Article 2 of Order no. 27 of 2 June also sets forth that:

All individuals who wish to board air or maritime connections to Sardinia, irrespective of the place of origin and exclusively for the purpose of monitoring entries and stays across the entire regional territory, are required to register before boarding using the appropriate form to be completed and sent only by electronic means using the digital Autonomous Region of Sardinia's online service point, as indicated in the section “Novel Coronavirus” on the home page of the institutional website of the Sardinia Region or through the application “Sardegna Sicura”, which will shortly be available for download from app stores for iOS and Android operating systems, designed to feature contact tracing on a voluntary basis.

Each passenger must present a copy of a registration receipt together with a boarding pass and a valid identity document.

The airline or shipping company shall verify the registration receipt prior to boarding. At the time of first application of this order:

- for passengers who have already applied for and obtained authorisation in accordance with the rules set forth in previous ordinances, such authorisation shall be deemed equivalent to registration;

- exceptionally and in order to prevent any public order issues, on 3 and 4 June 2020, passengers boarded on ships going to or from Sardinia who are already equipped with authorisation under the previous ordinances, are authorised to depart or disembark;

- until 12 June 2020, for passengers who have not completed registration before boarding by electronic means, it is possible to complete the form manually on board, which must be delivered on arrival to the medical unit of the port or airport, which will send it to the competent regional offices.

From 3 June 2020 all travellers arriving in Sardinia will also be required to:

a) undergo measurement of body temperature; if this is equal to or higher than 37.5 degrees, the medical personnel in charge of the airport authority or the Port System Authority of the Sea of Sardinia shall activate the procedures that have been in force since March;

b) complete the form investigating possible previous infection or contact with the Coronavirus, contained in the registration form, possibly also giving consent to the carrying out of a regional epidemiological investigation.

A subsequent order will specify the measures to encourage the execution, on a voluntary basis, of specific tests - both for diagnostic and epidemiological purposes - by passengers arriving in Sardinia.

A campaign to raise awareness, for prevention, and to safeguard public health is planned in addition to specific vouchers, which will be redeemable within the region.

The full ordinance is available here.

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