Notice Covid-19 – Yacht Club Costa Smeralda

Porto Cervo, 24 August 2020. After being informed that some guests had tested positive for Covid-19 upon their return home after holidays in Sardinia, as a precautionary measure the Health Protection Agency of Olbia was asked to carry out swab testing on all of the staff of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, as well as the guests currently staying there. All those who had visited the structure for various reasons, including casually, during the period in which the guests who tested positive were present, have also been advised of the situation.

Testing was carried out on 101 people, all of the guests present tested negative, while of the 88 tests on members of staff, 3 were positive.

The staff who tested positive were immediately put under the supervision of the Public Health Care Service, which will activate the relevant procedures pursuant to national and regional government regulations. This will entail epidemiological investigations, further testing, and monitoring of medical conditions.

After receiving the result of the analyses, the facilities, activities and services provided will continue in the utmost safety and in full compliance with national and regional government provisions, with the primary objective of safeguarding the health of all employees and visitors.


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