Update on air and sea transport to and from Sardinia

Porto Cervo, 21 May 2020. “The island opens its arms to tourism, but it wants to do so in full safety for Sardinian residents and tourists." This clarification came from the President of the Sardinia Region, Christian Solinas, in a videoconference with journalists last night, 20 May, in which he also specified: "those choosing Sardinia as a holiday destination will do so based on the ability of the system to guarantee safety. [...] We are asking for a little extra precaution from those who want to come to our island, by certifying their negative coronavirus status".

However, in order for the health passport system to be used, tests must also be deregulated in Italy. "It depends on the government," Solinas said, "and if it is not possible we are studying alternatives that will still allow us to test tourists."

Any costs incurred by tourists to have the test would later be reimbursed in the form of hotel services or services under the regional government, such as access to archaeological sites or discounts when purchasing Sardinian products. In any case, the Sardinia Region will move according to the choices dictated at the national level.

With regard to quarantine measures, President Solinas made it clear that quarantine is foreseen for those returning to Sardinia until 2 June. This does not refer to tourists since inter-regional mobility for tourism purposes will only be possible from 15 June onwards, at which time the legislation does not foresee a quarantine period.

It has been reiterated that flights to and from Sardinia under the territorial continuity system will commence from 3 June, domestic flights from mid-June, and towards the end of June international flights will resume.

The President also specified that Sardinia is currently showing the best result in Italy for flattening the curve of the contagion, with the lowest R value in the country.

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Below is a list of national and regional provisions regarding air and sea travel.

National government provisions

Legislative Decree 16 May 2020, no. 33


Art. 1. Measures to curb the spread of COVID-19

2) Up until 2 June 2020, travel by public or private means of transport to a region other than that in which you are currently located is prohibited, unless due to proven work necessities, absolute urgency or for health reasons; it remains, however, permitted to return to your domicile, home or residence.

3) From 3 June 2020, inter-regional movement may be limited only by measures adopted pursuant to Article 2 of Legislative Decree no. 19 of 2020, in relation to specific areas of the national territory, according to the principles of adequacy and proportionality to the epidemiological risk present in those areas.

4) Up until 2 June 2020, travel to and from foreign countries by public and private means of transport is prohibited, except for proven work necessities or absolute urgency or for health reasons or in the other cases identified by the measures adopted pursuant to Article 2 of Legislative Decree no. 19 of 2020; it remains, however, permitted to return to your domicile, home or residence. From 3 June 2020, travel to and from foreign countries may be limited only by measures adopted pursuant to Article 2 of Legislative Decree no. 19 of 2020, including in relation to specific states and territories, in accordance with the principles of adequacy and proportionality to the epidemiological risk and in compliance with the constraints deriving from the European Union legislation and international obligations.

Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport in agreement with the Ministry of Health 17 May


Article 5: Transport Services to and from Sardinia

2) Maritime transport of passengers to and from Sardinia is suspended;

3) Transport of goods only continues to be ensured, where possible on unaccompanied isolated loading units. Transport of passengers on cargo ships may be authorised exclusively for proven and urgent requirements (refer to Article 1);

4) Air transport of passengers to and from Sardinia is assured exclusively via the airports of Cagliari and Olbia for proven and urgent requirements (refer to Article 1 of the Decree).

Regional government provisions

Ordinance No. 23 17 May, Sardinia Region.


Art. 3) All subjects arriving in Sardinia (Cagliari airport), regardless of the place of origin, commencing from 18 May 2020, and up until 2 June 2020, shall be obliged to stay at home in self-isolation for 14 days, with a simultaneous ban on movement within the entire regional territory, without prejudice to the cases expressly provided for in derogation from state or regional regulations.

They are also obliged: a) to communicate this circumstance to their general practitioner or to the paediatrician or to the public health operator of the competent regional public health service; b) to fill in the form attached under letter “A” to the previous Order No.4 dated 08/03/2020 supplemented with the provisions of Order no. 5 dated 09/03/2020, according to the method described in the section “NOVEL CORONAVIRUS” accessible from the homepage of the institutional website of the Sardinia Region; c) in case of appearance of symptoms, to immediately notify their general practitioner or paediatrician or the public health operator of the competent regional public health service for all subsequent determinations, while remaining contactable for all monitoring activities;

Art. 10) General aviation activities are permitted in the airports of the entire regional area from 21 may 2020, subject to the signing, between the regional government and the airport management companies, of specific guidelines on the checks to be carried out on incoming passengers, validated by the Scientific-Technical Committee set up to deal with the epidemiological spread of Covid-19 in Sardinia by resolution of the Regional Council no. 17/4 dated 01/04/2020, as supplemented by resolution no. 24/9 of 08/05/2020.

Art. 11) The resumption of commercial aviation passenger traffic (15 June 2020) related to the reopening of Olbia airport is subject to the signing of a specific Protocol between the Regional Health Authority and the airport management company GEASAR regulating the health checks on incoming passengers in connection with the Covid-19 epidemiological emergency, in particular in view of the higher incidence of positive cases in the Province of Sassari in comparison to the rest of the regional territory.

Art. 17) The provisions of this ordinance, except as provided for in article 10, shall have effect from 18 May 2020, and up to 2 June 2020, unless expressly extended, and subject to further, different provisions, including contrary ones, that may be necessary depending on the shape of the curve of the spread of the virus, which will be constantly monitored by the competent bodies of the administration and companies.



Navigation and system rules

The possibility of entering ports in Regions other than the port where the unit is moored or waters of foreign countries is conditioned by the general, national, and EU regulations, and possibly more restrictive specific regulations issued at a regional level on the movement of persons, in force at the time of the operation.

Porto Cervo Marina is currently open and operational, for more information write to the General Manager Carmine Sanna at, or contact reception on, Old Port: +39 0789 936666, New Port: +39 0789 905111.

From 2 June the berths at the YCCS Sports Centre will also be available to those who have booked them, for more information contact Alessandro Sorgia +39 346 7963401 or write to

For information on transferring boats contact the Local Maritime Office in Porto Cervo: phone: +39 0789563648, email:






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