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A day dedicated to sustainability for the youths of the YCCS Sailing School

Porto Cervo, August 10, 2019. This morning saw the second Clean Beach Day organized by the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda together with the One Ocean Foundation. Star participants were the kids enrolled in the YCCS Sailing School.

At 10:00 AM the kids from the YCCS Sailing School, together with other participants, all gathered at the Spiaggia del Giglio (Porto Cervo). Jan Pachner, YCCS Secretary General, started the day by speaking with the participants about the importance of preserving the marine environment and on how much difference even the smallest daily gesture can make towards saving our oceans.

With an increase of a tenth of a degree, the year 2018 showed the highest average temperatures overall since we began to regularly monitor the oceans' temperature. This brings the risk of the oceans' level rising up to three millimetres. 

On top of having an impact on humans, the world's oceans also have an economic impact. The value of the blue economy is estimated to be between 2,5 and 3 trillion USD, equal to 4%-5% of the GNP of the entire planet.

With this in mind, the Asian startup MINIWIZ has decided to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the blue economy to create a mobile recycling lab where plastics trash can be transformed into new objects. After their clean up day the youths enrolled in the YCCS Sailing School went to the MINIWIZ pop up store at the Promenade du Port to recycle the plastic that they had gathered and give it "new life" thanks to the mobile lab.

Riccardo Bonadeo, the YCCS Commodore, had these words: "We always try to organize activities that have meaning both on a local and an international level, but most of all we look to make a difference in the area that surrounds us. To see the kids enrolled in our Sailing School at work today was very important because, on top representing future generations, we are looking to them as sailors and people who have a special connection to the sea through their love of sport. Today's activity was very educational for our Sailing School's youths because on top of teaching them about environmental sustainability, they were stimulated to think about new opportunities for entrepreneurial innovation. I want to thank everyone who participated today and everyone who has supported our initiative: you all are actively contributing to respecting our oceans."

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